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People perform at their best when they are informed !! 

Professionally Customized Boards are the heart of White Boards Are Us.  

The above listed boards are some of the more popular types we produce and are meant as examples.  Every board is customized to your specific application. 

Customized Boards

Custom Designed Dry Erase White Boards can offer a professional, effective and specifically designed area for the communication of information.  We design & produce boards suited to your exact need - whether it be tracking information on a production floor, sales information, posting company information notices, tracking information on hospital patients or any other subject... we can help.  Contact Us with your Design or idea - we'll take it from a rough sketch to a finished idea.  Chances are we've already produced other boards for companies similar to the design you need - we can make helpful suggestions on board design & size, magnetic accessories & more.  We'll fax you a hard quote & scaled sketch for your approval - you'll know exactly what your finished design will look like.

Board Types We customize Series 2000 Porcelain magnetic boards -  As well we can customize Display units, Specialty boards or even Panasonic Electronic Copy Boards.  Add Magnetic accessories or Other accessories to compliment your design.  Designs may be as simple as a basic gridded board where columns & rows are set up with Cardholder Magnets as required, or as complex as Scaled Plant Layouts complete with contour cut moveable magnetic machines.  
Board Grids separate any board into specific writing areas for information - we use a Specific SP Painted grid system on all of our boards - a proven high quality extreme duty use grid -  this ensures your board will last through years of use.
Have Questions?  Contact Us, we're pleased to answer questions regarding custom boards.

Magnetic Plant Layout White Board

Plant Layouts are an excellent  way to visualize, plan & organize machine and  line layouts, material flow and overall plant organization.  Professionally detailed layouts are produced from your company's AutoCad (tm) drawing.   Supplied with scaled contour cut vinyl machine magnets they are effective, highly versatile and visually appealing to customers as well as employees.

Training Matrix Board

Training Matrix Boards are an extremely useful and professional addition to any training program.   One of our most popular boards, they use cardholder magnets to track skills across the board top and employee names across the board side.  Round vinyl magnets denote an employees acquired skills as well as level of training on any one particular skill. 

Custom Dry Erase Schedule Board

Schedule Boards are the largest area of our board production and are all custom designed to suit a scheduling or tracking need.  They are designed to suit applications in tracking Production Results, Quality Control, Part Fabrication, Testing Schedules, Personnel Schedules, Training Schedules, Project Schedules & more.

Custom Dry Ersase Engineering White Board

Engineering Boards are designed to track items specific to Product & Manufacturing Engineering.  Typically these boards may track New Product development status, Engineering Project Planning & Status, Engineering Product testing & evaluation and more.

Employee Suggestion White Board

More Custom Boards... Need more ideas ? Check this section out for additional pictures & descriptions of Custom Designed Boards we've produced...

Do you have a need for a custom board ?  Contact Us


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