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Sheet Holders

Product Name: Sheet Holder
Description: Sheet Holders are formed from Styrene - a clear hard plastic.  They provide a professional protective cover for display sheets.
Application: Sheet Holders are used for protection & display of printed material.   When used with a magnetic backing (see board type below) and cardholder magnets they allow a versatile & professional custom design that may be moved around to suit.  Typically they are used on custom designed boards such as  Schedule boards, Engineering boards or any application requiring posted information
Board Type: Sheet Holders may be mounted on non-magnetic or magnetic boards with a double sided adhesive foam tape.  Optionally they can be supplied with sheet vinyl magnetic backing for use on Series 40 or Series 2000 magnetic boards.   
Sizes: Sheet Holders are available in various sizes   4x6  5x7  8x10  8.5x11 (all sizes in inches)
Other Options: Sheet Holders may be supplied with or without thumb slots.  Sheet Holders may be supplied with double sided foam adhesive tape or vinyl magnetic backing for mounting.



Sheet holders are used for professional and protective material display.

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