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Series 2000 Horizontal Slider

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Series 2000 Horizontal Slider
Product Name: Series 2000 Horizontal Slider (HS) Dry Erase White Board
Description: The Series 2000 HS unit is comprised of several Series 2000 Porcelain Magnetic Boards with one or two sliding panels that move in front of a rear fixed board.  The rear fixed board is usually double the length of the front sliding board(s) and is fabricated from two splined boards.  Front boards are mounted in a aluminum nylon lined bottom track, and hang from a nylon ball bearing caster top mount system.  The unit is complete with a marker ledge.  
Application: Series 2000 Horizontal Sliders are used when multiple boards are required but a limited space is available.
Board Type: Series 2000 Porcelain Magnetic.
Series 2000 Dual HS Sliding Board Track Detail
Series 2000 Dual  HS Sliding Board Detail
Sizes: Series 2000 Horizontal sliders are available in any length configuration up to 24'.  Board height is 4'.   Single Sliders (denoted by Series 2000 1HS) have a single track and one sliding board.  Dual Sliders (Series 2000 2HS) have a dual track and two sliding front boards. (Unit shown in picture is a Dual slider unit with a 16' fixed back board and two 8' sliding front boards)
Accessories: Series 2000 HS Boards are supplied with all required mounting accessories  Cardholder Magnets & other magnets may be used as well as other items such as sheet grippers & styrene sheet holders, as noted in Accessories.
Other Options: Series 2000 Horizontal Sliding units may be customized to unique scheduling or tracking boards centers. Top Cork tack rails are available as an accessory (shown in picture)

The Series 2000 Horizontal Slider is a high quality board system that is both professional & versatile.  It is particularly suited to classrooms and applications requiring a multiple board setup.

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