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Plant Layouts

4'x 4' Magnetic Plant Layout White Board
Product Name: Scaled Magnetic Plant Layout
Description: Plant Layouts consist of two components.  The first being a scaled layout of your building on a Series 2000 Porcelain Magnetic White Board.  Board layout detail typically includes all plant walls, all I-beams, stairways, loading & receiving docks & all door swings.  The second component are scaled machines contour cut from vinyl magnet  
Application: Scaled Magnetic Plant Layouts are used for Machine placements, line layouts, material flow & Plant organization  
Board Type: Series 2000 Porcelain Magnetic
Sizes: 36x48  48x48  48x72  48x96  48x120  48x144  (all sizes in inches height x width -  portrait & landscape options available) - board shown is 48" high x 48" wide with 1/4" scaling.  Custom sizes upon request
Accessories: Scaled Magnetic Plant Layouts are supplied with all required vinyl machine magnets and magnetic architect scale for measurements.
Other Options: Options include yellow aisle marking, office detail & labeling of major plant areas.  Machines may be a single color for the entire layout or a choice of colors to designate certain lines or customer dedicated machinery.  Layouts may be designed using Series 555 Mobile Boards or may be enclosed with a Series 670 Display Case.  

Magnetic Plant Layouts are an excellent and professional way to visualize, plan & organize machine and  line layouts, material flow and overall plant organization.  An excellent tool for group and team input they are effective, highly versatile and visually appealing to customers as well as employees.    Professional layouts are produced from your company's AutoCad (tm) layout and are typically scaled to fit a standard board size.  Typical layouts are 3/16" or 1/4" scale.   Machines are color coded and are contour cut from  thick laminated vinyl magnetic sheet for ease of pick up & movement

Plant Layout Board - Shipping Dock Detail

Plant Layout detail includes labeling areas such as Shipping & Receiving Docks.  Exterior walls are typically 1/4" thick with interior walls being 1/8" thick.


Stairways, I-beam layout and door swings ensure a  professional, accurate and high level of detail. 

Plant Layout White Board - I Beam, Stairway & Doorswing detail
Magnetic Machine Detail
(click to enlarge)

Scaled Magnetic Machines are produced from your AutoCad Layout (tm) and are contour cut for accuracy & detail.  Professional in appearance they are easily moved around and enable team & group input.  

Critical areas such as Machine Shops, Quarantine and inventory storage areas contribute to a complete and professional design.

Plant Layout White Board - Quarantine & M/C Shop detail

More Photos (click to enlarge)

Custom 4'x 8' Magnetic Dry Erase Plant Layout

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