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More Custom Boards

Custom Boards are a professional & effective means of communication.   They are designed to suit any application in any workplace - from information boards to schedule boards, kanban boards to maintenance boards & more...

Information Boards
(click for description & enlarge)
Information Posting White Board
Graphical Information Process Board
Glove Posting Display Board
Inventory Tracking White Board

Performance Indication Boards
(click for description / enlarge)
Series 670 Performance Tracking White Board
Employee Suggestion Tracking Board
QS 9000 Implementation White Board
Performance Tracking Graph White Board
Customer Focus Boards
(click for description /enlarge)
Process Focus White Board
Sliding Glass Door Display Case Customer Focus Board
Problem Solving Boards
(click for description /enlarge)
Fishbone Diagram Dry Erase Board
FMEA Board

Schedule Boards
(click for description / enlarge)
Fabrication Dept. Schedule White Board
Manufacturing Cell Production Tracking White Board
Monthly Planner Magnetic White Board
Production Planning Schedule White Board

Preventive Maintenance Boards
(click for description / enlarge)
Machine Downtime Tracking Dry Erase Board
Maintenance Information Dry Erase Board
Preventive Maintenance Planning Dry Erase Board
4'x 10' Maintenance Planner Board

Kanban Boards
(click for description / enlarge)
Kanban Board
Receiving Kanban Magnetic White Board
Magnetic Press Operation Kanban White Board
Automotive Supplier Kanban Board

& More...
(click for description / enlarge)
Dry Erase Board with a Grid
Canada Post Admail White Board
Finished Goods Inventory Tracking Board
Part Assembly Matrix Magnetic Board

Customer Service Dry Erase Board
Nurse Station - Hospital Patient Dry Erase Board

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