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Vinyl Magnets

Vinyl Magnets
Product Name: Vinyl Magnets
Description: Vinyl Magnets are cut from flexible white faced sheet magnet. 
Application: Vinyl Magnets are typically used on custom boards for items that are required to be moveable - such as part numbers, board titles, month magnets, color coded blocks for status indicators, etc.   They have an extremely wide variety of applications.
Sizes: Vinyl Magnets are cut to any size(s) required.  Typically magnets are square/rectangular but may be triangular or other shapes depending on application.
Other Options: Vinyl Magnets may be colored or white blocks for writing on with a water based marker.  Optionally these magnets are also available as a dry erase surface.  Custom magnets are made with any color vinyl lettering.  Label makers may be used for part # or other labeled magnets.  Vinyl magnets are available in both .030" and .060" thickness.  Contour cut .060" laminated magnets are used for machines on Plant Layout Boards

Vinyl Magnets are extremely versatile and may be used on any magnetic board - they are designed, sized & cut to suit nearly any application. 

More Photos (click to enlarge)

Engineering Project Schedule board with moveable wet erase vinyl magnetic strips
Project schedule board with wet erase vinyl magnetic day/date magnets

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